What It Takes to Be Featured in Fast Company

Mar 1, 2022

For many companies, being featured in a national publication like Fast Company is the gold standard. The publication is well-known for profiling unparalleled leaders and organizations disrupting markets, impacting industries and breaking glass ceilings. An article in a publication of its caliber has been a game-changer for many companies looking to elevate their status among constituents. It can also open the flood gates for other notable national and international media, influencers, bloggers and pundits.

But what does it take to get featured in Fast Company? For the rare company, it takes something almost unprecedented. For most, it’s a reputation (built on groundbreaking work) that has few equals in its industry.

A company’s reputation – how it operates, what it creates, how it treats its employees – is key to piquing interest. Writers at Fast Company and like-minded publications come to work every day seeking out innovative brands whose thought leaders are moving us forward in some form or fashion. Of course, there’s a wealth of companies doing amazing things within their industries, but Fast Company hasn’t found them. There may be a number of reasons why they remain undiscovered. Perhaps, they simply haven’t figured out how to tell the right story. Or they don’t have the right resources to help them build a reputation around a compelling story. It’s not rocket science, but it takes some calculation.

Take Interface, a global flooring manufacturer known for its commercial flooring in some of the largest businesses across the world. Unless you are an architect or designer, you may not be aware that there is more to this company than just what’s underfoot. A carbontech vanguard, the company is the first flooring manufacturer to commercialize a carbon-negative carpet tile, changing the game for companies looking to reduce the carbon impact of their office buildings and facilities.

For Interface, a reputation PR program was essential to be recognized by Fast Company. As part of our partnership with Interface, our team at Trevelino/Keller developed a strategy to support the launch of its carbon-negative product, which included the goal of securing coverage in a national publication that featured world-changing innovation, design and business excellence. Fast Company was first on the list, as its IMPACT section features businesses with big ideas changing the world. From there, our team found an editor, Kristin Toussaint, who was known for featuring less-known leaders in innovation and sustainability. Once we established the right publication and reporter, that’s when the work began. We went on to share Interface’s sustainability journey – from humble beginnings to its global-renowned innovation of today.

While it may seem like it was a reasonable feat, this effort took months of research, planning and immersion to take a technical, carbon-negative flooring product and make it approachable to someone not in the flooring industry. Through messaging, PR content, awards and media relations, our team was able to not only secure a feature in Fast Company, but we also went on to highlight the journey to additional national publications.

A reputation PR program goes beyond clickbait. It is a long-term program that supports businesses in reinforcing or establishing a brand’s reputation through thought leadership, media relations and visibility. For brands that want to get in Fast Company, it takes commitment to a program versus a one-off effort. Be patient but relentless in such a pursuit.