Prioritize Public Relations

If You Care About Your Reputation


Nothing has changed in terms of the value of earned media and its role in reinforcing or establishing a brand’s reputation. If anything, we see a greater reliance on credible media given the “fake news” phenomenon.

Earned Media

We have proven there’s no market, no vertical, no national we can’t penetrate. Just give us the time.

Organic Social

It’s about striking the balance between human thought and software enabled to ensure you can manage the cadence shrewdly.

Executive Visibility

We think about visibility from three points of view — the pen, the speech and the community.

Content Development

A dedicated content team strong in short and long form editorial — releases, bylines, white papers, podcasts, blogs.

Brand Messaging

Some times messaging is taken for granted. Our mission, articulate the EdgeTK you have over the competition. It’s that simple.

Influencer Relations

The most effective agencies have invested in the software to manage and metric every step of the campaign.


Yes we are a boutique firm, but we believe in powering our human capital with the best business intelligence resources available. In many cases, we have piloted technologies like InsightPool and 1Q, invested in private label solutions like Qwoted so we can be at the front of the line [with our clients] in accessing full functionality.


We have been on the front lines of a crises more times than we care to acknowledge, from the Gulf Oil Spill to the COVID Pandemic to widespread pork, fruit and vegetable recalls. Learn about our approach to controlling the situation and minimizing the impact.


Our staffing model is designed for maximum output. We introduce the country’s #1 retention rate integrated into a hub and spoke team starting with the lead at the center empowering the spokes – specialist, consultant and managers – all aligned with an outcome-driven strategy.

Dean Trevelino

Principal & Founder

Genna Keller

Principal & Founder

Heather Graham

Senior Executive Vice President

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Executive Vice President

Colleen Murphy

Executive Vice President

Christy Olliff

Executive Vice President

Kelly Ronna

Executive Vice President

Lauren Shankman

Executive Vice President

Elisa Suri

Vice President

Jason Gilbreth

Vice President

Emily Rios

Vice President

Hilari Barton

Account Director

Rachel Jimenez

Account Supervisor

Haley Meyer

Account Supervisor

Kate Laird

Account Supervisor

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Account Supervisor

Lauren Watt

Account Supervisor

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Senior Account Executive

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Account Executive

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Assistant Account Executive

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Assistant Account Executive

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Assistant Account Executive

Katie Alexander

Assistant Account Executive