T/K TechStack: What Should Be in Your Growth Marketing TechStack?

May 5, 2022

Growth Marketing is often differentiated from traditional marketing by its philosophy that with relentless ideating and testing, results will follow.  That practice is only as strong and effective as the infrastructure behind it.

As part of our growth marketing services, Trevelino/Keller has put considerable effort into building a TechStack to explore every possibility for our clients. Here are a few of our favorites:

Relationship Opportunity – CRM

Building relationships is one of the oldest and most important business practices. A solid CRM platform is vital to growth marketing efforts, acting as a relationship inventory with detailed historical data on customer interactions. Growth marketers can use analytics and reporting functions to leverage this data and identify potential opportunities for further growth among existing customers.

Our favorite CRMs are HubSpot and Salesforce. Both platforms are industry leaders in the CRM space and come with a host of robust features to help businesses manage everything from marketing campaigns to deal tracking.

Discovering New Business – Prospecting

Lead prospecting is crucial for business growth, especially for companies in the B2B sector.

There are multiple tried-and-true strategies for lead prospecting, from social media to SEO, but for growth marketing, it’s all about analyzing the data and heading straight to the source.

Two tools in our prospecting arsenal are LeadFeeder and ZoomInfo. Both tools use their proprietary databases to provide marketers with valuable information on prospective customers.

Zoominfo allows marketers to build profiles on their ideal customers and then generates a feed of matching companies and contacts. Dynamic filters and flexible search options allow users to get granular in their searches, producing super-refined results. LeadFeeder runs the IPs of a user’s website traffic to identify visiting businesses, producing a list of leads with demonstrated interest and increasing chances of conversion.

Targeted Growth – Account-Based Marketing

The tremendous influx of data available to marketers over the past ten-plus years has introduced a new marketing tactic to the scene—account-based marketing (ABM). It’s the age-old approach of quality over quantity. By focusing efforts on accounts with higher ROI potential, businesses can reallocate resources into creating more effective campaigns with deeper levels of personalization.

RollWorks, Demandbase and Terminus are our ABM platforms of choice, each complete with tools to define and identify target accounts, create engaging campaigns that stretch across multiple channels, and analyze data and measure success.

Growth marketing is about leveraging assets to identify new opportunities. With these tools in your tech stack, you are sure to provide clients with plenty of room to grow.