T/K TechStack: SmartFluence. Automate Your Influencer Relations.

Mar 2, 2022

At Trevelino/Keller, we are committed to embracing a changing technological landscape to make what we do better, faster, and more collaborative. Our T/K TechStack highlights the tools and solutions we find vital as an agency with Reputation PR, Growth Marketing and Creative Services capabilities.

In recent years, the world of influencer relations has spun off into its own category from traditional media relations, and rightfully so. According to the Digital Marketing Institute, social media marketing has fully surpassed print marketing, and 49% of consumers depend on influencer relations to make a purchase.

What was once an afterthought for clients has turned into interest for dedicated influencer relations programs across nearly all industries. With this shift, T/K determined it was time to bring an influencer relations technology tool into our TechStack. Enter: SmartFluence.

T/K uses SmartFluence to discover, negotiate, manage, and report on influencer relations campaigns. With over 100 million influencers in its database, the platform allows users to filter potential candidates and their audiences by categories like demographics, keywords, interests, and social performance. In addition, we can weed out creators with fake followers based on an authenticity score, which identifies which creators may have followers who are bots or fakes – ensuring a client’s key message is being delivered to real people with real purchasing power.

As the influencer relations space has grown over the years, the campaign reporting process has been a major pain point. While we have sophisticated PR software to aggregate data in a visually compelling way for our clients, working with influencers felt a bit more piecemeal, as we worked with different creators across different platforms with no clear or consistent way to share data and results. SmartFluence delivers real-time reporting on a creator’s post, sharing key metrics on engagement and audience demographics in one dashboard, making it clear and easy to share data in real-time.

SmartFluence helps T/K and our clients cut through the crowded world of influencer relations to design and manage strategic influencer relations campaigns with proven results.