Introducing a Growth PR+Mkt Firm

Mar 3, 2022

T.S. Eliot wrote, “Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.

In our public relations and marketing universe, we believe business is a series of small risks and tests to understand the potential of an idea, a strategy, a campaign.  Our launch as a public relations firm in 2003 made sense given our legacy, but we knew with time, experience and staff development, we would take calculated risks to see how far we could go.  We have applied those same principles to our clients, encouraging them to take calculated risks with the marriage of reputation and marketing, with small spends in sponsored content or retargeting, and not only hosting a podcast, but going on the road for a podcast tour, engaging with an influencer or two, even trying a stunt on a day of observance that may not be so intuitive.

Today, there’s a good buzz out there about growth marketing firms or the more progressive reference, growth hackers.  Some industry experts will attempt to define by differentiation — “Traditional marketing agencies help you build a brand and spread the word, gradually.  To speed up the process, growth marketing agencies take a data-driven approach, running various experiments to see what brings the best results,” according to Growth Mentor.

We get it which is why philosophically we have been taking a test-based approach for some time.  More recently, we made it a strategic imperative to establish one of the industry’s most comprehensive TechStacks so that data is front and center.  For us, that TechStack needs to have the capabilities to power both Reputation PR and Growth Marketing.

Another term we see in the market is ‘pirate metrics’ or AARRR — Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral and Revenue.   An AARRR is sometimes delivered by a “full-stack” agency.  Yes, it’s true, there’s no shortage of clever terms.  For Trevelino/Keller, part of our job is simplifying the message though.  So, consider us a Growth PR+Mkt firm.  Our stack is Reputation PR integrated into a Growth Marketing funnel.  Our mission is to be outcome-driven. Now let’s see how far we can … grow.