An agency cannot decide when it’s convenient to focus on its staff. It must be part of the DNA.


Most important to our clients is how we rank in their industries. Nationally, we rank in 11 industries, #1 or #2 in each locally.

Can You Say Greatest of All Time

It started innocently enough when a colleague acknowledged another colleague for taking extraordinary measures to complete a project. In time, the practice of staff recognizing staff for delivering something worthy of “Greatest of All Time” became ritual. Eventually, a symbolic GOAT award appeared and the legend of the GOAT was born. According to Wikipedia, a GOAT is recognition for being the “Greatest Of All Time” in a particular skill at a defined time. Today, our success can be highlighted by strategic thinking, but we are differentiated in the eyes of our clients by our execution, delivered each and every day by a small army of “GOATs.”

Number 1
Number 1

International Reach

Atlas was our first venture, motivated by our interest in serving clients with an international footprint and grounded in partner boutiques that worked as aggressively and purposefully as we do. More important, they operate with a greater sense of responsiveness than an office of a multi-national. Sorry, that’s just a fact.

Asia-Pacific [Mileage Communications]
Middle East [ActivePR]
Europe [Leidar]
South America [SPMJ]


Georgia Alive

No one anticipated the impact or duration of COVID-19, but an Atlanta tech visionary put an algorithm to it and we took a seat right beside him, to educate a divisive community.

T/K SmallBiz

We served the creative needs of more than 50 small businesses in 90 days with in the wake of COVID-19. From Invest Atlanta was born T/K SmallBiz.

Voice4Change Project

2020 was a difficult year on many fronts and we can no longer be deaf to the sounds of social inequality. This initiative is an evergreen platform to keep us informed of the ground we have to cover.

Our Approach to Staffing Is Easy

One Part Culture, One Part Skills.
One Part Experience.

The experience piece is unforgiving. Either you have it or you don’t. Skills are critical, but with training, tools and guidance, we can close gaps. Culture is on us to articulate. Once we do, you will know if your search is over.


Launched by Trevelino/Keller, Winepreneurs. Club is an invitation-only (sorry, but there must be enough grapes to go around) community gathering for Atlanta entrepreneurs and wine enthusiasts. We’ll banter about startups, acquisitions and new innovations while we network and connect in the spirit of fostering prosperity among the entrepreneur community.