IBIS: The Power of Research

Mar 2, 2022

As communications professionals, we cannot afford to operate in a vacuum, and while we gain tremendous insights from our clients and their industry knowledge, sometimes we have to bridge the gap between the industry intelligence we have, and the deep dive we need. Our clients are engaging us for two reasons.  One, they expect us to tell them things they don’t already know – ideally, insights even their competitors don’t know.  Two, they need us to apply those insights to both strategic and creative programs in an effort to drive performance and desired outcomes.

That’s why Trevelino/Keller recently expanded its TechStack to include proprietary research to get out in front of changing industry behavior.

We selected IBISWorld, a global industry research provider, after a comprehensive review of research firms.  The platform gives us access to a library of thousands of global reports updated in real-time, not only keeping us on top of both larger industry trends and niche markets but giving us actionable data to feed into public relations and performance marketing programs.

Let’s consider a client in the travel industry. To be the best strategic partner, we need to know about competitors and how COVID has affected the industry. But we also need to know about other factors that could be affecting the industry, like supply chain issues in airline manufacturing, or the impact of seemingly unrelated industries, such as billboards and outdoor advertising.

Using IBISWorld, we can review reports on these topics and more and use them to craft an informed strategy for clients with actionable insights and comprehensive data and analysis that is easy to understand. Having all the data available on an easy-to-search site, often within a single report, streamlines our workflow and allows us to deliver thorough results quickly.

In the absence of such propriety data, a marketing strategy runs the risk of just scratching the surface. That’s why we believe IBISWorld is a must-have intelligence platform for any multi-industry, growth public relations and marketing firm.