Creative Content in Motion

Jul 13, 2022

When Video is Beyond Your Budget

In the era of the endless scroll, content needs to have a certain level of visual appeal to catch the eye of potential customers. A punchy headline or a striking photograph can still draw attention, but movement is naturally compelling. So, when our clients come to us looking to give their website or content a bit more punch, we introduce them to motion graphics.

Motion graphics are just that – graphics in motion. They are short videos or animations that can take the place of static graphics to give content more visual appeal. Animated logos, scrolling text, those cheesy PowerPoint animations from the early 2000s – these are all examples of motion graphics.

Unlike other forms of animation, motion graphics use heavy elements of text and logos. They don’t have a narrative structure and act more as visual aids rather than mediums for storytelling. Motion graphics can bring an extra pop to your social media posts, elevate the visuals of your website or illustrate the benefits of a product or service through a short explainer video.

While there are numerous motion graphics programs available, you don’t need to look further than Adobe. After Effects is considered the industry standard for motion graphics, and it’s what we use at T/K. As part of the Adobe ecosystem, it can easily work with files created in Photoshop or Illustrator and comes standard in the Creative Cloud subscription. After Effects also comes with a lite version of a software called Cinema 4D, which is a 3D rendering program commonly used in the film industry.

Motion graphics offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional video. A short motion graphic video can be done with one or two programs and a single designer within a few days, while a live-action video of the same length requires hiring crew and talent, equipment rental, time to shoot and then additional time to edit. If changes need to be made, live-action video requires reshoots, whereas motion graphics can easily have elements swapped out by the designer.

As a growth marketing firm, it is our job to make our clients stand out from the competition. Adding motion graphics elements to our design playbook is one way we keep our creative services on the cutting edge.